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Authentic NFL Jerseys

August 30, NFL2013 preseason game last week in full swing, the Lions to victory over Bill halftime five touchdowns team, the Cardinals play in the bottom field in place to 32 than 24 results beat Broncos. Seahawks VS Raiders to 22 absolute advantage than six wins. 49 people six touchdowns 41-6 rout Lightning.

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Lions in the game in the offensive group brave angry, there are five in the first half touchdowns, backup quarterback Shaun Hill 5 passes four hits, but two touchdowns passing, a high efficiency. The Bill only in the second half kicked into a record 38 yards free kick early into garbage time. Finally Bill rely on half a free kick and a touchdown to save some face, the game final score 35-13. Lions victory!

Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys

Cardinals and Broncos in this game very understanding, the same frozen the main players. Cardinals offensive led by the Ryan Lindley, game 29 pass 17 has two touchdowns. The Mustang by Zac Dysert and Brock Osweiler take turns sharing playing time. The whole game the score was deadlocked, the Cardinals tied the score several times, and finally to two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to seal the victory. The second half, however the Cardinals in excellent performance in the game, the final score to 32 than 24 win over Broncos. The main game Seahawks quarterback Russell - Wilson starting to play, is one of the few quarterbacks to play the game, even though he had only three passes data. Seahawks match will only get one touchdown in the first quarter, but the free kick as many as seven times. Final Seahawks 22-6 victory over the Raiders. 49 Offense and defense group with force, offensive group received a total of five touchdowns, plus a special unit in the third quarter punt blocked each other once and get touchdowns. Six touchdowns lead early, and defense group also just let Lightning team scored six points, the final 41 to 6 victory.

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Weaponry in the game phase, fierce struggle. After the game the players but a kindly. They exchange jerseys way to express the friendship between the teams. This practice also caused the NFL fans in hot pursuit. Authentic NFL jerseys, sports jerseys has always been the most sought-after single product. It not only made of high-grade fabrics, give you a comfortable feeling of movement, or fashion items must accessories. If you have a system that jersey, then you must not mistake our Nike online discount, here are the latest and most comprehensive cheap authentic NFL jerseys. More surprises waiting for you, but also hesitant what? Authentic nfl jerseys cheap is a rare chance!



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